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​Hello and welcome. The main aim of my website is to promote and raise awareness, through my writing, regarding personal issues to everyday topical news in the main
I pride myself on bringing you, the reader, up to date facts and figures in easy to read short reports and stories, all written work is based on extensive research, and some issues taken from my own life experiences, which, I myself, have had to confront and deal with over the years.
Nicole Loueze
​When finished, you will be able to read my own story, which include
​I have been writing Poetry for over twenty years now, and various pieces in print in
issues I have had to confront and deal with over the years with regard to the physical and verbal abuse inflicted on me by my father,  from an early age, mental health issues my sexuality and gender identity. 
America and here, in the United Kingdom. I also have some works on the "Spoken Word". By clicking on the button below  you will be able to read some Poems I have in print, and by clicking on the "comment button", once there, you will be directed to the contact page, where you will be able to leave your feedback or message.​
​"Life does not discriminate, so why do we!"
There are a lot of people in desperate need of help, but find it hard to reach out for fear of being ridiculed against by some in our society, which can leave them feeling sad, frustrated and lonely, trying to deal with personal issues that are seriously affecting their lives. Life is hard enough but trying to come to terms with an issue that is stopping you live your life can be a real struggle, and if like me, can take you to the edge, and give you thoughts like, will I make it!
One of the main reasons i write is to promote awareness for people who find it hard to cope with a personal issue, like mental illness, sexuality, gender identity bullying and more, and hope through my work, I can give strength, courage and support to help people confront and deal with their own issues, and let them know they are not alone, if I can do this for just one person then my work will be done.
I believe that everyone has the right to live their life and no one else's, you must please yourself not others, you only have one life, so make the most of it. Be happy, confident and above all else, be yourself, whatever it takes!!!

Contacting Me

If you have any questions or would like to contact me regarding any issues covered then feel free to click on the contact button below, you will be directed to the contact page, where you can leave your details and message , I will reply to you and help in any way I can.