Nicole Loueze/Writer


Here at "writer of awareness" I aim to bring you, the reader, up to date reports based on facts and figures regarding personal issues, concerning mental health including- depression and self harming, Homophobic hate crimes against the lesbian, gay, bi sexual and trans gender people. Discrimination, concerning the disabled, obesity, bullying, and more, drink, drug abuse, and what we eat.
I also report on everyday topical news in the main, regarding Governmental issues,the price of war. the world we live, including the environment and climate change.  and any other issues we feel are important with regard to the world we live today.  
Everybody is born equal, and freedom is our right! but due to "discrimination", which is still deep seated in our world, stops people living their life. I believe discrimination is one of the biggest issues we face today. my hope, through my writing, is to help promote awareness concerning discrimination, which affects every walk of life. We have made great steps towards changing peoples attitudes, but still have a long way to go to eradicate discrimination all together.  We are all born different, which is due to the diversity of life, and how boring this great world would be if we were all born the same!
I am a published poet, and have been writing poetry for twenty years now,. I have now included reporting on personal and everyday issues that affect us all, in the world we live today. All my work is to help promote awareness, and with extensive research, bringing you, the reader facts and figures in easy to read reports
If you would like to contact me with regards to any issue covered ,or ask any questions concerning an issue that might be affecting you, then please do. Just click on the button below, you will be directed to the contact page, where you can leave your details and message. I will reply to all emails received.